Capture your wedding on video

When all is said and done and the music has ended, the guests have gone home, the honeymoon is over, your video and photographs will become the most precious and treasured memories of your special day. I believe that a wedding video should reflect the day as it unfolded and not be transformed into a ‘Hollywood’ movie. I capture your day in the intimate way that it was intended, discreetly and unobtrusively

After more than 20 years of filming weddings, I have learnt the art of capturing the special moments. The beauty of your wedding is just that…YOUR wedding – and I’ve seen over the years that each wedding has its own special magic – no two are ever the same, and I celebrate that!

You will receive an edited DVD with chapters and a highlight package which will cover the whole day in 10 minutes which is perfect to show friends who may not have the time to sit through the entire wedding DVD.

You also have the option of having your wedding on a USB. These are taking over from DVD’s, the times they are a changing.

A wedding video lives forever, and you’ll find yourselves and your children watching it over and over again.

The wonderful thing about that is that each time it is watched, all those magic and warm feelings come rushing back into your hearts. My reward is knowing that your special day has been captured forever.